We Service Individuals, Families & Professionals

I value myself in being a clinician who is multiculturally competent, trauma and attachment trained, and use unconditional positive regard for others. I pride myself in meeting the needs of the individual by meeting them where they are and helping achieve personal goals. My goal in therapy is not to change people or behaviors. My goal is to hold the space for you, when you need it most, and celebrate you when you choose to make changes in your life.

Individual Therapy

Children (Ages 2-10)

We offer play-based therapy services for children to learn skills to manage their behaviors, increase self-confidence, and improve overall mood.

Adolescents (Ages 11-17)

We help adolescents who are struggling with anxiety, depression, social skills, self-esteem, and relationships within the family.

Adults (Ages 18+)

We typically provide services for adults who are dealing with anxiety, depression, life phase issues, parenting struggles, communication, family stressors, and stress management.

Parenting & Group Support


I offer a safe place to be open and honest about struggles during your journey as a parent without fear of judgment, shame, or feeling like a failure as a parent. I help with developing skills that have proven to work in helping children succeed.

Groups (Coming Soon)

Skill building groups coming soon!

Your Mental Health is Our Priority!